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01-20-2012, 6:05 AM
THis is my back up bow, 2006 Mathews Switchback XT Right Hand compound bow, currently set at 26.5" draw and 53 pound pull. Originally this was a 30" Draw bow (so I also have a 30" Cam as well) , When the Cam was changed the 60lb-70lb limbs pull is reduced to 53#.. it maxes out at 67 pounds with the 26.5" cams!. Includes both Bohning 6 arrow quick detach quiver (Msrp $40) ) and Bohning New Break Away Quiver ($70) The Sight is a HHA 5019 single .19 pin slider sight set from 20 to 60 yards ($90). It also comes with the Vapor Trail Limbdriver Pro falling rest (best in the Industry $77). The Switchback XT utilizes Mathews innovational Solo Cam system as well as the Parallel limb technology and the Harmonic Dampening System.. it's one of the most smoothest technological bows of all time, setting the bar where all current strive to compete. There is on thing about the bow, you need to know before purchase, the rest mounting screw goes in and out with resistance, I spoke to a Mathews Bowtech and he said it should be fine as the rest is solid on the bow (as long as you donít change out the rest too many times). Lastly, it comes with 6 Easton XX75 arrows as pictured, by the way, the dampners on the extender (behind the sight) is missing.. but you can find those on Ebay, I just never see it effect any of my shots) The whole package is $425 SPF
Options: If you do not want any of the following we can reduce by subtracting from the list below (as I can use these on my other bows and they were specially priced attractively for the bow package (will not sale separate)):
HHA 5019 $40
VT Limbdriver $30
Bohning Break Away Quiver $20
Arrows $10
30" Cam $20
if interested please contact kh17150@yahoo.com

If you want just the bare bow with the 26.5" Cam $300 or 30" Cam $320 ($20 more as we would have to go to a shop to have them switch out hte cams, it cost $20)