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03-19-2007, 4:54 PM
Just moved to Fontana looking for a range, pros and cons please.

03-19-2007, 5:27 PM
Check West End Gun Club Website
I like wegc better, if you are a member you can go anytime,also it is closer
but there is no paved road ,there is a shooting school named Top Gun at the club.
Friday,Saturday and Sunday the range is open to everybody.

03-19-2007, 5:34 PM
Lytle Creek is easier to get to with a car. West End is off the main paved road and while passable with a car, you don't want to do it with a low ground clearance vehicle. WEGC can be closed when the creek floods. If it rains, you either need a 4x4 or they close then range completely.

Lytle Creek has more room for rifle shooters. West End's public firing line doesn't have as many benches, but the benches are real benches (concrete as opposed to rickity wooden benches).

Lytle Creek doesn't have target placements. You have to either bring your own stand to accomodate your board, or drive the board into the ground (not fun).

West End has a better facility with action pistol bays and a mid range / Across the Course rifle range with pits, but you have to be a member to use these parts of the facility. Membership is expensive. I think it's somewhere around $300 for your first year (includes 'initiation' fee).

If you're in Fontana, I highly recommend the Inland Fish and Game:


It should be within 20 miles or so from Fontana. Membership is only $50 a year. Members shoot for $5 all day, non-members for $15 all day. Approximately 28 rifle benches and a long pistol firing line that can accomodate about 20 shooters or more. Target boards provided with placement allowed at 7 yards (pistol), 25 yds (pistol and rimfire), 50 meters, 100 yards, and 200 meters. Other distances possible with your own target stand.

The Inland Fish and Game open house is on April 22. The Open House has a special $5 all day shooting for all of the public, plus free BBQ lunch.

03-19-2007, 5:43 PM
Also, just so you know the IFG is becoming a very popular range. The weekends do get busy. Most of the regulars show up in the morning as much as 1 hour before the range opens on Sat (0800) and 2.5 hours before the range opens on Sun (0930). But, we have a clubhouse that serves breakfast and lunch on the weekends, so we like to get to the range to reserve our spots and get breakfast and hang out in the clubhouse until the firing line opens.

The range tends to fill up quickly on weekend mornings. If you don't get there before the range opens, you could be waiting until around noon before a rifle bench opens up. So if you shoot rifle, get there early, or after 1100, on weekends.

As far as I know, Lytle Creek doesn't have the same kind of regular crowd, so it's not hard to get a spot to shoot on the weekends. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Same for West End. I go to West End every month or so for an Action Pistol or High Power match, and I never see the rifle line fill up at 0800.

Not sure where you lived before Fontana, but some interesting background for you to know is that they shut down the range at Duarte (aka Fish Canyon) which was operated by the San Gabriel Gun Club. That was a huge facility and many of those shooters were displaced, which has increased attendance at other of the surrounding ranges (including Angeles, Burro Canyon, West End, Lytle, and Inland).

03-19-2007, 6:18 PM
On Saturday or Sunday Lytle Creek can be jam packed sometimes. On Friday though it is usually really nice, unless it's a major holiday. One time I went on a Friday and it was just me and a friend on the 100yd range for a while. It was windy enough to blow our targets away, but we shot up water bottles instead. Only had a few clay shooters and rifle shooters come out that day.

If I go on a Saturday, I get in at about 9:00-9:30am. I spend a couple hours shooting clays to let the rifle lines clear up a little (not that every bench is taken, i just like having space); then head over there to finish up the day.

Note: They are slowly replacing the benches at Lytle with new ones. They are the kind with a cutout for you to sit next to it.

03-19-2007, 6:21 PM
west end, it may be difficult to get in and out sometimes but well worth the anytime access as a member

03-19-2007, 8:05 PM
This is what the Inland Fish and Game benches look like:


Note: The aluminum benchrest sitting on the bench is not standard range equipment. That belongs to a member. All benches have six sandbags assigned to it for patron use.

03-19-2007, 8:44 PM
I'm in a neighboring city.

I like both. Both are EBR & AW friendly. But, prefer WEGC over LC.

WEGC has better facilities and a lot of reactive steel targets. Until Lytle Creek improves the facilities on the firring line (overhead shelter and better benches), it will remain 2nd to WEGC for that particular area.

Inland Fish & Game is also nice, but I don't like the # of rounds in a mag rule.

03-19-2007, 8:51 PM
Inland Fish & Game is also nice, but I don't like the # of rounds in a mag rule.

Yes, IFG has a 5 rounds in the mag rule for assault rifle style firearms. Rarely enforced, but the rule is posted.

The no rapid fire rule is strictly enforced.

IFG is more oriented towards 'serious' target shooting, and not 'action' shooting or pray and spray style shooting.

So you should definitely consider that when deciding where to shoot. Lytle is a good place if you love to shoot rapid fire. If you are a benchrest shooter or a target rifle shooter, WEGC and IFG will be more oriented for you. And if you shoot IDPA/IPSC, WEGC is the place to join.

03-21-2007, 7:12 PM
Thanks for all the feedback, I was a San Gabriel Gun Club regular and some Burro Cyn too.