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01-18-2012, 6:57 PM
http://www.armoryracks.com/_/rsrc/1325115339015/Pictures/DSC_0078.jpg?height=148&width=200 http://www.armoryracks.com/_/rsrc/1325115387817/Pictures/DSC_0132.jpg?height=164&width=200 http://www.armoryracks.com/_/rsrc/1325115362768/Pictures/DSC_0129_2.JPG?height=200&width=76http://www.armoryracks.com/_/rsrc/1325114873333/Products/DSC_0063_2.JPG?height=177&width=200


Building on the already successful 8-Gun and 4-Gun Store, Secure and Carry Handgun Racks RJK Ventures now offers a table top 2-Gun model. The 2-Gun model shares the same attributes of the larger models and enables up to two guns mixing revolvers and semi-autos to be safely stored for quick access. The 2-Gun Armory Rackô will start shipping in February. The specifications of the 2-Gun Store, Secure and Carry Rack are:

- Pocket-pistols to full size handguns are supported including calibers .22 and larger
- In holster on rack is supported for most holster gun combinations
- Protective cap for gun barrel protection
- Optional increased barrel protection with an add-on neoprene hanger wrap

- Utilize the handle and a cable lock along with the trigger guards for security purposes
- Enable quick secure access to your guns

- Carry handle enables easy and safe transport
- 2 Gun - 4 3/4" H x 4 1/8" W x 8 3/4" D - without handguns

Click here for the complete press release:http://www.prlog.org/11770904

We will be updating this thread with special Calguns pricing. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=447066

Supporting Quotes:

"RJK Ventures listened to their customers about adding a 2-gun version of the Armory Rack. With the introduction of the 2 gun handgun rack they not only created a more compact version of the original, but they enabled a great way to safely store your carry gun without having to remove it from its holster. Armory Racks have moved from inside the safe to the nightstand." Eric Ebbinghaus, Haus of Guns - Gun and Gear Reviews, Hunting, and Outdoor Products

"Armory Racks are the most practical and efficient handgun storage option that I have encountered. They maximize your space while actually enhancing accessibility. I really donít know what else you can ask of a handgun rack." Matt Hazard, Jerking the Trigger - Tactical Gear News, Reviews, and Interviews

"If you are looking for a great way to safely hold your handguns on your work bench or have just a couple of handguns and need to organized in your gun safe, the 2 gun handgun rack from Armory Racks offers you the functionality and versatility to achieve that." Eric, Gunmart Blog - Dedicated to the discussion of firearms, firearms industry news, and politics

02-04-2012, 8:21 AM
Now Shipping!! https://sites.google.com/site/armoryrackscalguns/ for special pricing

02-15-2012, 1:16 PM
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