View Full Version : Ok, What wood is this?????????

03-18-2007, 7:01 PM

Just outfit one of my Garands in a new stock from the CMP here;

Sooooo, I get to wanting to refinish the crap stock that she was originally in. Usually all I need to do is one round of engine degreaser and even the crapiest crap comes off, a couple times I've needed to use paint stripper........ Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllll this time it took the engine dreaser (2X) the paint stripper (2x) and then an hour soak in a bleach bath:eek: and she's STILL DARK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I'm at a loss....is this some kind of conspiracy? Or maybe is this "Black walnut" wood? I aint ever knowingly seen the stuff in person unfinished. If not Black walnut....what? Ash?



These pics after the treatments AND A SCRUB WITH MINERAL SPIRITS USING A SCOTCH BRITE PAD!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:

I've got something here I dont know............

A little help please.

((and NO, no cartouches were on the stock but a sanded P that looked more F than P))

03-18-2007, 7:26 PM
it's walnut.. but sometime due to age, the oil just gets in the grain sooooo deep that it will never come out and the wood will always be dark..... I have a few rear handguards that are like that....

03-18-2007, 7:43 PM
Is the stock still greasy? Does it bleed cosmo when out in the sun still? If it does, you will be pulling up oil for the next year with what you are doing. What I do for those stocks that are really bad and have no collector value is use the sun. I get a black trash bag, fill it with cat litter, stick the stock inside and leave it somewhere where the sun will cook it. Turn it over, shake it up every few days. It will leach oil, which the cat litter will soak up. You will never get it all, but you will get out anything close enough to the surface to rise out. The roof, or the car dash when parked in the sun are two good places to put it. Then once it is nice and un-cosmoed, I like to use more than a few rubbed in coats of BLO.

I try and stay away from chemical strippers; the sun works great.

03-18-2007, 7:55 PM
Is the stock still greasy? Does it bleed cosmo when out in the sun still? I try and stay away from chemical strippers; the sun works great.

Not that I've seen; its (now) dry as a bone and still this dark; I was JUST looking at some wood identification sites; I think HPS is right...it is walnut, just not black walnut....with some serious over-time staining. With it being a greek return I was MUCH expecting another birch-frecked monstrousity under the crude.....but this is what was under the blahhh crap. What sux is that I think I can save it- but the forearm is toast, two waffle patches and still another crack that I can readily see with nothing more than wipedown with mineral spirits.

I TRIED the Sun method....only works/worked for me around here in the midst of summer; north bay's just not sunny/warm enough. Even tried the route of nearly what you said and also putting it up on the dashboard of my truck (for a different Garand) and only got a small weep..........

I know the chemicals a re harsh....but when you're going for broke- aint no harm in it..............;)