View Full Version : SPF: two AK parts kits (LA/OC)

01-16-2012, 1:52 PM
For sale, Hungarian AMD 65 parts kit $130 SPF to WASH

has matching serial numbers on all parts. They have plastic pistol grips, front and rear.The AMD-65 was intended for service with Mobile Forces, and came equipped with a side folding stock. AMD cleaning rod and AK74 style muzzle brake are included. No trigger guard, no lower handguard. Everything shown in the picture.


Romanian/Hungarian mixed AK parts kit $100 SPF to WASH

has matching serial numbers on the bolt, carrier and front trunnion. All three are romanian, as well as the handguard and retainer. Bolt carrier is installed with a AMD gas piston (I saved this kit for a possible pistol build). Front trunnion is reamed to .302, one .302 barrel pin is included. AMD rear trunnion and folding stock. Front sight block, gas tube and cleaning rod are Hungarian AMD. Romanian slant brake included. No trigger guard, no dust cover, no safety selector, no gas block. Everything shown in the picture


Shipping is $15 each kit, discreet paypal or cash, FTF must be this week (LA/OC).

01-16-2012, 2:09 PM
I'll take both. Pm incoming

01-16-2012, 3:38 PM
Second in line for either kit.