View Full Version : Stag 15 lowers, 2HT, Spike's Tactical Operator uppers for sale!

03-17-2007, 8:30 AM
5/14/07: IN STOCK:
Stag Arms Stag 15 OLL - marked 5.56mm instock $140 plus tax & DROS.

1 REMAINING as of 5/10/07 - SPIKE'S TACTICAL ST15 Operator Upper - complete w/ spider logo and USA flag on upper receiver rails! $725.
Get yours today! RARE - only Metroshot carries the Spike's uppers! These are made by Stag as a custom private house label upper so you know these are the best. Metroshot only carries Stag & Spikes uppers! :) 3254 2 available and finally in: Stag 2HT upper complete! Stag-15 2HT Complete Upper Half features: A.R.M.S. #40L
Stag factory installed Samson tactical rail $695. plus tax. 3256
Also in stock 4 qty: 3H standard flat top uppers complete $465. Get yours now before these go away! Thanks to those who waited a month for these beauties from Stag Arms. ;) Free shipping for check/cash. Add 3% for cards plus ship - no FFL required - will ship direct to you!3255

1 in STOCK @ Metroshot!
Barrett M468 UPPER 6.8MM REM SPC 16.5" $1,599.00 [B]free shipping to you direct! No FFL required. Add 3% for Visa/MasterCard/Discover cards & free ship.

Get them while you can - they will no longer sell to civillians as military contracts supersede!

04-06-2007, 8:36 AM
Update: 4/6/07: only 1 left!

04-12-2007, 7:00 AM
Update: 4/12/07: no more Barrett uppers left!
New shipment coming in: Spike's Tactical 5.56mm OH (ZERO H) model (continuous flat top railed - Samson - w/ Spike's spider logo and USA flag) $725.

04-21-2007, 6:50 AM
Update: 4/27/07 -
2 Spike's Operator uppers in stock
2 SIG 556 5.56mm battle rifles (rare) $TBD
1 1H Stag upper $545
1 5H Stag upper (6.8mm SPC) $625
4 Saiga 7.62x39mm 20" rifles $369

Incoming next week:
14 SABRE DEFENCE XR15 receivers (military only) $199
2 Sabre Defence XR15 rifles M4 $1595
6 Robinson Arms XCR rifles - CA compliant version - EXCLUSIVE TO METROSHOT $TBD