View Full Version : WTT/s Colt M4 .22lr

01-12-2012, 6:51 PM

Model:M4 carbine .22lr


Location: Central Valley/Modesto area will travel from Sac to Fresno, or as far east as Livermore for the proper trade

Price:Trade in ProgressSPF

Will ship : on buyers dime

Other info:Has, Flip up rear sight, hoague over molded pistol grip, lower rail on standard handguard for grip or bi-pod, and will throw in a KAC/tango down (not sure what brand for sure) vertical foregrip as well for right trade/price. Mainly looking for a trade but cash offers will be entertained, worst I can say is no. I don't ignore.

Looking to trade for a .22LR conversion kit with mag/s plus cash or other firearm items of interest. Does have weak primer hits on occasion but can be resolved with a new reciol spring. Has seen some usage but still in great shape. Recently traded from another calgunner and have put 200 rds through her since I received it.
Great rifle, just want to train with as close to the same rifle as my AR, hopefully the same AR via .22LR conversion kit. I acquired this colt for that reason from a fellow calgunner recently but want a similar training platform without having to add the same accessories as my AR to the Colt.

Trades Of Interest:
*.22LR AR-15 conversion kit with mag/s plus cash or ar accessories (open minded to lights, carbine rail systems,optics, mil surplus)
*AR-15 upper designated for .22lr with mag/s
*Eotech or other quality holographic or red dot optics.
*1-4x variable tactical scope (nikon ect.)
*Maby even a used Glock, Springfield xd, entry level 1911 like a rock island, but im mainly looking for a .22lr conversion kit for my AR-15. Due to my stubbornness its your opportunity to acquire a great rifle for a fraction of what it would cost new.

01-13-2012, 8:59 PM
Night time Bump. Taking a loss on this one but really looking to train with the same carbine as oppose to a separate rifle. A.22LR conversion kit with mag/s and some 5.56/.223 ammo and shes yours. Will also accept a good quality carbine length rail system, quality L.E.D weapons light, or Military Surplus gear including MRE's or Large size BDUs in conjunction with the .22LR conversion kit in trade for the Colt M4 .22Lr carbine. I will also handle PPT at FFL of your choice from Sacramento to Fresno or as far west as Livermore.
Someone take advantage before I decide to put the money into accessorizing it to be like my carbine!!