View Full Version : WTB: Buffer Tube Nut aka Castle Nut

03-16-2007, 6:44 PM
My first OLL build is actually a parts swap from a factory assembled carbine. Everything went smooth as butter until the very end when I tried to remove the castle nut. I wrenched and tapped to no avail and ultimately enlisted the help of a fellow calgunner who ended up cutting it with a dremel and cracked with a chisel.

Needless to say I'm short a castle nut now to finish my build so if anyone has an extra to spare please let me know. Are there any online retailers that sell these parts. I tried checking all the vendors on the arfcom EE but it looks like the buffer tube parts are only available with complete stock assemblies. Thanks!

03-16-2007, 6:59 PM

C.A.R. stock lock ring I think thats what you need? 3 bucks