View Full Version : FrogLube Super Degreaser Solvent

01-11-2012, 6:23 AM
FrogLube is expanding it's product line. At the SHOT Show, FrogLube will introduce a new non-toxic degreaser. This will remove all oil, solvents and even FrogLube from metal and plastic surfaces.

The Super Degreaser can be used as a solvent prior to using FrogLube. While FrogLube is a CLP, the Degreaser completly strips the weapon, allowing it to be reblued, painted, serviced, welded, etc.

The Super Degreaser is also biodegradable, in keeping with the FrogLube Liquid and Paste.

The Super Degreaser can be seen at the ROK Straps booth 2053 at the SHOT Show.