View Full Version : WTT Canon Rebel XS, East Bay ***SPF***

01-10-2012, 5:58 PM
I have a Canon Rebel XS I want to trade for a C&R rifle or handgun.

Bought the camera for around $500. Would consider it's value about $250.
Therefore would expect to trade for a similarly priced C&R.

Trading because it's too complex for me to use. Shortly after buying it, I went back to the store and bought a Canon Powershot. Elph.

C&R rifles I'm looking for:

Mosin Nagant M38
Mosin Nagant M39
Swiss K31
Jungle Enfield
M1 carbine (I know, just dreaming)
Garand (dreaming again)

Would also consider handguns:

Small pocket sized handguns >50 years old.
I will pay transfer fee and DROS, of course.


Those that want to transfer a C&R through an FFL01 because they do not understand FFL03's need not apply.