View Full Version : FS: FNH PS90 w/extras, SFV/Reseda SOLD

01-10-2012, 12:58 PM
Make: FNH

Model: PS90

Caliber: 5.7x28

Location (city or county): San Fernando Valley

Price: SOLD

Will ship (Y/N): N

Other info:

Round Count is 534. Includes 4 10 round magazines, and the FNH brass catcher. Original black reticle optic IS included, but I forgot to include it in the pictures. This is CA compliant, with bullet button installed.

Lan World bullet button. Done at Turners

Includes a number of upgrades from Promoted Pawn that cost me a little over $200: Top Rail ($90), PS90 Tool ($18), Side Rail - Dual Mount ($18), Mag Doubler x 2 ($25 each, $50 total), and Side Rail ($25). I DID buy the second side rail, but can't seem to locate it. But I'll include it in the sale, if/when I find it.

I also have 550+ rounds of 5.7x28 that I'll sell for $200 total for whoever buys this PS90.

If you buy everything, I'll also throw in another 534-ish 5.7x28 brass casings.

The only trades I might consider are STI/SVI limited/open gun (in 9 or 40), or higher end 1911's (Wilson Combat CQB, Ed Brown, Springfield Professional).

Link to full size gallery and additional pictures: http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/18550378_wSFsnQ



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1/18/12 bump, with price drop!

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01-21-2012, 6:57 PM
I'll take it. PM sent.

01-23-2012, 7:48 AM
Bump again. Still available as of Monday 1/23/12. B!ngo is in the Bay area, so logistics need to get worked out. If you're going to post an "I'll take it", please be sure you can and please don't post "I'll take it" and send me a PM saying "Hey let's meet 1/2 way between SF and LA to do this".

Nothing against B!ngo, and hopefully we can work something out, but please be a little conscientious.


01-23-2012, 8:53 AM
how does bullet button work on ps90


01-23-2012, 9:03 AM
You have to actually insert some tool (I used a screwdriver) and manually push back the magazine catch. It's a little annoying at first, but after a day of practice, it's quite quick and easy. You can do it one handed.

01-31-2012, 3:12 PM