View Full Version : ramifications of removing panther flash hider DPMS

03-15-2007, 9:36 PM

if i say purchase a TAC 20 DPMS rifle and wanted to remove the
panther flash hider to make a featureless build, what could i use
to bring the barrel lenght back to 20" (panther flash hider is 3 inches)
without affecting the accurracy or using a muzzle brake.

03-15-2007, 9:53 PM
flash hiders are not considered in the length of the barrel for ballistic purposes since they are not rifled nor does the bullet touch it even if it was threaded. Your barrel will still be 20" as far as accuracy and bullet velocity are concerned. The only time that barrel length must be considered is if the flash hider is permanently attached to bring an otherwise short barrel up to 16". That is only for legal purposes and still has no effect on accuracy.