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01-09-2012, 8:03 PM
Well let me start off i have a lot of chickens for sale prices will vary with breed pics, well you've seen 1 breed you've seen the lot seriously, I started with my handful then took care of a friends he ended up just giving them to me most have just started laying eggs there in there second month of laying. They are all Medicated and absolutely nothing is wrong with them I just want at lot of pets. They are very good pets almost maintenance free if you keep it to a minimum or they make great Free Range eggs or a good Dinner,LOL. MAKE OFFERS!
PM me for more details I am located in the East Bay will meet up in Alemeda, Antioch, Pittsburg, Concord, Pleasent Hill, Walnut Creek, SF.

Trades I am Interested are Cheap .22 Rifles Like a Ruger 10/22 +cash on my side and i pay transfer fees of course.

I Have
Rhode Island Red:2
Barred Rock:2
Americana(Easter Eggers): 4 Wheaten colored 1 blue
Black Austrolope:1
Buff Orpington:1
Buff Laced Polish:1
White Crested Polish:2
^35$ each there worth more!

Young ones still not laying:
Buff Brahma:1
Wheat Silkie:2
Russian Orlof:1
^$25 Each!

Make offers for follwing: 1 Black Copper maran, Silver Laced Polish,.
Thanks for looking!,
Make Offers!

01-10-2012, 5:57 PM

G-Man WC
01-10-2012, 6:44 PM
I want to see pictures of these chicks! -g

01-11-2012, 7:25 PM