View Full Version : WTS: C&R eligible pre-Communist Yugoslav Model 1924b rifle

01-08-2012, 12:50 PM
WTS an example of the rare and difficult to locate Model 1924b variant rifle made from converted Mexican contract Mausers and Imperial German Gewehr 98 rifles. This one was converted from a Gewehr 98, and is chambered in 8mm Mauser. The 'b' variant rifles received some new, domestically produced Yugoslav parts, but also utilized many Imperial German made parts, as does this one. The majority of parts on this one have Imperial German frakturs, including the front sight, bayo lug, both barrel bands, trigger guard and screws, floorplate, butt plate, bolt release and bolt.

As is usual with these, there is basically no metal finish left, but no rust or pitting, either. The stock matches the receiver, but no other parts match. The wood also has no remaining finish, another typical aspect. There is a tiny inlay on the underside of the stock between both barrel bands. These rifles received plenty of use in WWII, and any remaining rifles that bear the 'Model 1924b' designation are few and far between, having survived hostilities and a post-war program that refurbished them and obliterated any of the original marks. These are not the same as a standard Model 1924 rifle, nor are these the 24/47s you can get at Big 5.

The bore is somewhat dirty, with some darkness in the grooves. The lands are actually pretty good, being about a strong G+ to VG. I can see no sign of a counterbore. You will need to check headspace prior to firing the rifle, as with any other used milsurp arm. The action is smooth and the whole rifle is light, handy and shoulders very nicely. Mechanically, the rifle appears to function fine. I shot it once after a very hasty bore cleaning, and it had a failure to extract/'sticky bolt', although it has an extractor. I don't have headspace gauges, but doubt that a rifle that has seen this much service would go on with an existing headspace issue. I think a thorough cleaning of the action and chamber is in order.

First "I'll take it" here, on email, or via PM with date/time stamp gets it. Cash and USPS MO are the ONLY forms of payment I take. I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone.

PICS: I have pics, and will be happy to send them to any interested parties, just ask!

PRICE: $310 shipped, or $290 FTF

Questions? Fire away. I'll do my best to answer them for you, just ask. Otherwise, refer to the relevant section of Branko Bogdanovich's SERBIAN AND YUGOSLAV MAUSER RIFLES.