View Full Version : Would This Work? 2 Long Guns in Small Case

01-07-2012, 1:42 PM
Potentially stupid question here...

What's everyone's take on how much space needs to be between rifles within a case? The case is a pelican (1720 IIRC?). I'd like to move my shotgun out of it's softcase into this for general storage and transport to/from the range etc. If I'm gonna be hunting I will take out one or the other, and I will do the same if I'm flying.

In the first photo I would have to cut a whole new layer of foam and would put the cut layer on the bottom (I have the missing pieces to set back in place).

In the second photo I would place the shotgun around what is already cut out. This leaves about 1/4" or so between the bottom of the grip and the bottom of the receiver, is that enough space or should I cut the new foam?

Appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Would need to cut another piece of foam...

Make more cuts and work with what I have now...

01-07-2012, 5:23 PM
If you have foam between them, its good to go.

I carry all of mine in one case, pretty close together, with just the egg-crate foam. It has never been a problem. Makes it nice to carry everything with two hands.


01-07-2012, 10:04 PM
unless it's air/rail/bus travel, I wouldnt bother with hard case...

IMO a quality soft case is suitable for hunting, range or emergency evacuation...

I like Voodoo Tactical offerings - the 42" holds my AR & AK easily (I can cram a shotgun in there as well)... perfect for one rifle and one shotgun... as well as one or two pistols and several mags.

There are lots of soft-sided options - but imo hard case is too bulky and not needed unless for travel.

If you are dead-set on you current hard case - I dont see any reason why option two wouldnt work (progress from what you have rather than start over)