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03-14-2007, 6:05 PM
i would like to duracoat my glock in camo finish. has anyone tried to do it themselves or is there somewhere reputable to send to get it done?
feedback would be great good or bad

03-14-2007, 7:19 PM
check ar15.com I have seen many pics of all types of guns painted over there.

03-14-2007, 8:30 PM
I duracoat-ed my 10/22 receiver and barrel. Although I did not try one of their camo finishes, it was quite easy and turned out very nice. I used the basic finishing kit they sell and built my own paint box to spray it in. If you check the LCW website, they have a list of authorized finishers; i believe there is one in Dublin.

Here are a few tips when using duracoat:

I used the cheapo airbrush that LCW sells in their Duracoat kit. It worked perfectly. I used some water to adjust the spray pattern before actually putting any paint in the cup.

If you want to spend more money, your local hobby/craft store will probably carry a selection of Badger airbrushes, but honestly it is not necessary. In fact, I would almost recommend not using a more expensive brush as Duracoat is quite hard to clean after it dries, which could virtually destroy a nice brush.

Some places I have ordered airbrushes/parts from:


(If you use canned air, place it in a shallow dish, or baking pan filled 1/2 way with room temp water. This will prevent the can from freezing.)

If you are going to do a lot of parts or larger pieces, then an HVLP set-up may be more suited for your needs. However, be prepared to spend a minimum of $200 on a new self contained unit. This cost can be considerably lower if you already have a compressed air system capable of running a paint sprayer. (HVLP sprayers can be had for as little as $80).

If you are just going to be doing small parts (as in a 10/22) I would stick with the Airbrush (cheaper & more accurate). Also make yourself a makeshift paint booth.

Quick & easy paint booth (for small parts)

Equipment needed:
1 18-22" box fan
1 16X22" air filter (or size appropriate to the fan) (the kind used in your house)
1 large box (should be at least 18X24X12")
1 roll packing tape
1 box cutter

Set the box on it's open end and tape all exposed edges and seams to create an "air tight" box. Then cut a centered hole out of the bottom that is 1" smaller on all sides than your filter. Next tape your filter, centered, over the hole making sure you do not leave any gaps or places where air can blow through. Then tape the fan to the filter (this can be a light taping just to hold it all together) making sure the fan "blows" away from the box. You have just created a small recyclable paint booth for less than $5 (add 10-15 if you did not have a fan.

I folded one of the top flaps back onto the box and taped it down for additional support so I could punch a few hanging hooks (made from a wire hanger) to hang parts from while spraying. Once you are ready to spray, turn the fan to high and it will draw almost all of your overspray into the filter. (a quick note about the filter, don't go too cheap like the 50 cent blue ones as they will allow paint to flow through them, and don't go too expensive, like the $15 HEPA filters as the fan won't draw enough air through them to suck up the overspray.)

03-15-2007, 3:48 PM
PM sent.

03-15-2007, 9:03 PM
Les Leturno in Alaska does superb work. Regular Camo, digital camo, whatever you want.

I had a handgun done by him and visited him in person and got to see some of the work in his shop and it was fantastic. He is a standup guy and will do whatever you want.

Only drawback is shipping both ways. I was there in person so I avoided all of that :D


Good luck.