View Full Version : side rail scope mount for Saiga?

03-14-2007, 4:36 AM
I picked up a nice (rather large) scope for a Saiga. What mount would you recommend for a PPO 5-20x50? It has 1" tube. Here's what I'm considering.


What do you think? Would you suggest something better? I'd like a sturdy see-through mount so I can still use the iron sights. My price range is up to $150.

I know the scope is a bit large for a 7.62x39 rifle with a 16" barrel, but I got a good deal on it. I'll post pictures when it's mounted so you can all have a good laugh.

03-14-2007, 9:19 PM
IIRC Saiga rifles have an integral mount machined into the side of the receiver, like the Dragunov, so anything mounted on there will be to the left and the iron sights will remain perfectly usable. The mount you found should be adequate, then again I don't have much experience with AK's and their derivatives so my opinion is fairly moot.