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12-26-2011, 3:59 PM
Hiya all.

I'm trying to bring into CA a ruger mk2, KMK678GC. The gun is in Ohio. The gun is rostered, but it is expiring 12/31/2011.

The sending FFL is telling me that in addition to the receiving dealer's FFL number, he needs another piece of "generated number" in order to request the CFLC approval number from CA DOJ. He says the receiving dealer needs to request some kind of number himself, and then forward that number to him (the sender) before he requests the CFLC.

1. My research of CA DOJ web pages tells me that in order to request a CFLC approval number, the sending dealer, once enrolled, only needs the receiving FFL's license info and his own FFL info. Am I mistaken in this respect? As I have never accessed the CFLC, I am unaware of this extra "number" he is asking for. If yes, what is this extra number?

2. The Rostering of the Ruger expires new years eve. My research of past years tells me that these mark2s usually get re-rostered. But does anyone have good insight into the "down time" between the expiration and renewal of ruger handguns?

The gun was bought on gunbroker at a good price, and unfortunately I did not pay too close attention to its ca-roster expiration date. If the gun makes it into CA, but winds up temporarily (I hope) unrostered, my plan is to have my receiving FFL hang on to it for a month or so (for a fee, of course), and hope it gets re-rostered. If it doesn't get re-rostered after that time, I will sell the gun to that FFL at deep discount, who can then sell it to LEO, or out state as he wishes. Does this sound right? I'd appreciate any advice you can provide.



12-26-2011, 4:33 PM
The shipper only needs the CA FFL's CFD number, the FFL number is not needed. That is not generated, unless you consider that the CA DOJ generated it. The shipper needs to sign up, which they need to provide their FFL number.

If you start the paperwork, you are fine. I am not sure of the time frame to renew it. I would suspect that if they paid it, it would be renewed now. There is still time to get the paperwork done, especially if the firearm is sent UPS or FedEx.

12-27-2011, 10:03 AM
Thanks Kemasa. The CFD is apparently the exact number he needs.

Now I just hope the firearm gets shipped soon, so I can start DROS on time.

Thanks all.