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03-09-2007, 6:42 PM
Well, about a month ago I bought a Bushy Carbon15 and then discovered this site and the wonderfull world of OLL's. Two weeks later I went down to Metroshot (great guys) and bought two OLL's. I had all the parts ordered and one upper delivered before my 10 day was even up. Still waiting on a 16" upper with aluminum quadrail free floated upper from RRA. They said 2-8 weeks :mad: .

Here's my 1st build
Spike's lower
RRA two stage trigger
Royal arms predator grip
Ace skeleton A2 buttstock
Fulton Armory Varmint upper with 20" stainless bull barrell and free floated aluminum upper.
Loopy 3-9 scope
Bullet button

This one is another Spikes lower
RRA lpk and a backyard trigger job (which helped a ton)
RRA CAR butstock
Bullet button
it will have a Facog and a Fake Dr. optics mounted atop of the RRA upper that is on the way
And lastly the one that started it all
Bushamster Carbon15

03-09-2007, 6:47 PM
Welcome to the site. BTW, nice rifles.

Now got out and shoot them.:D

03-09-2007, 6:49 PM
Speaking of guns, who wears the pink bra?:D

03-09-2007, 6:50 PM
My condolences on your contracting the disease but there is a upside to this affliction.

There is a support group that you can join where you can talk to others that have the same problems that you do.

Also they will help you to satisfy the urges you will be having in the future to handle and buy more black rifles.

log on to Calguns.net

Does your wife also make you put your rifles back in the safe before your 5 year old gets home from school ?

03-09-2007, 6:51 PM
Speaking of guns, who wears the pink bra?:D

Damn, you found my other addiction, lol

03-09-2007, 7:34 PM
does the front site get in the way of the clonepoint?

03-09-2007, 8:18 PM
Speaking of guns, who wears the pink bra?:D
I thought that was a set of head phones.:)

03-09-2007, 8:19 PM
I use the red dot to line up on the top of the post. And if you use the rear sight along with it all you see is a red dot through the peep. Works great in low light conditions although I have not had a chance to really put it through the paces yet. I'm going to wait til I get the other upper and make a day of it. And yes Sam, The wife makes me out the toys away when the little ones are around, but when she is not home....Well let's just say Jr. will be well versed in firearms cleaning by the age of 3, lol. My son is still too you to take out yet and I'm trying to let my wife let me take my 8 yr old daughter out shooting, I think I have almost broke her.