View Full Version : Romy G kit and ALL build parts to complete

12-21-2011, 1:17 PM
Had this sold and was planning on building it with the buyer this weekend but he backed out. I will offer my building services on this as well for anyone in the central valley or someone willing to make the drive. Heck, let's do it Friday or Saturday and you can give yourself a xmas present. :D

1980 or 1982 kit with original barrel and completely demilled ready to be built. Excellent shape with shiny bore. Front hand gaurds in decent shape, stock will need to be refinished unless you like the look. (don't remember which date this one is) AE0187 (gangsta serial number right there! I do remember that) :p
AK Builder flat
US muzzle brake
US pistol grip
Tapco G2 trigger
Red Star or Tapco axis pin retainer
AK Builder center support
AK Builder rivet set
Solar Tactical mag lock

Like I said, everything except a mag to have a complete rifle. $500 shipped (figure with shipping on all items you'd have that or more into it) $550 if you want me to help you complete it which includes the full build, test fire, sand blast and parkerize.


12-22-2011, 9:45 AM
I'd like to get it moved. $500 for all the parts AND I will help you build it if you desire. :-) This is an all numbers matching kit, I believe I left that part out.

12-26-2011, 10:05 AM
How about a late Xmas present to yourself?