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12-20-2011, 6:59 PM
Hi all,

I have a knack it seems for accumulating gun stuff, and have the following for sale: First 'I'll take it' in the thread or via IM/e-mail has dibs. Will accept almost any form of payment, including discreet Paypal sent as 'payment owed.' Checks will be held until they clear. I'll respond and ship fast.

Offers will definitely be considered.

1. Nordic Components 2-shot magazine extension for Browning Auto-5 or BPS. I've never actually mounted this (received with the gun) but understand that it's a 2-shot extension due to it being 6" long.
$55.00 shipped. *** SOLD ***

2. Harris bipod 9"-13". This is the 'standard' non-swiveling bipod with the swivel-stud attachment. Barely used. $60.00 shipped. *** SOLD ***

3. Rubber slip-over recoil pad, brown, and a black nylon Outdoor Connection 1 1/4" shotgun sling. $20.00 for both, shipped, or I'll include the recoil pad free to the buyer of the magazine extension if they want it.

4. Springfield M1903 handguard. Exactly as shown in the picture below, but that's obviously a picture I pulled from the internet. Does not have the little metal clips. $15.00 shipped.

5. Leather .38/.357 cartridge belt. Don't know where I picked this up. Fairly small. $12.00 shipped.

6. I also have (not pictured) a still-in-the-plastic green canvas SKS sling and a black synthetic Monte Carlo SKS stock. I honestly can't tell whether it's the ATI or the Ram-Line. I would let both go for $40.00 shipped.







pennys dad
12-20-2011, 7:03 PM
Harris bipod 9"-13". will take it

12-22-2011, 6:43 AM
Bump. Added SKS stuff. Offers considered.