View Full Version : WIN 70 EWR OR WIN 70 COYOTE LITE .300 WSM

12-19-2011, 8:35 PM
I'm currently looking at purchasing a rifle in .300 WSM and have narrowed it down to the Win 70 EWR or the Win 70 Coyote Lite (FN). I'm inquiring to see if anyone can provide some "first hand" info/recommendations so I can make my decision. I've read many great reviews on the EWR but almost nothing on the "newest" model Coyote Lite. I like a little bit about each and that's why it's a bit tough to decide. The application will be spot and stalk, stand hunting for deer, bear, pig and hopefully elk in the near future. My hunting is primarily in the mountains where shots can be from 50m to 250-300m. Yes, the 30.06 is "king" and I have a few and want the .300 WSM. Thanks in advance for any and all information.