View Full Version : SSA/Ipsc @ Burro Canyon 4/22/2007

Mr Twisted
03-07-2007, 5:03 PM
The Shooting Sports Alliance will start there long awaited IPSC program on Sunday April 22, 2007. We will have 3 exciting field courses stages and 4 USPSA Classifiers, so New shooters wishing to get USPSA classified, can do it at one time and get it over with. Match fees will be $35 covering trophies and Classifiers.

Along with the Ipsc match we will have a" Real" Bowling Pin Match like the "Second Chance" matches of years past, on real Pin tables. Multiple classes with multiple guns. Master Blasters,Oss, 9 Pin, Shotgun, Revolver, Stock/production ,22 caliber are just a few of the many classes trophies will be awarded. Match fee will be $15 with reshoots at $8. Shoot as little or as much as you like. Best 3 out of 4 runs for time. Time stopping when the last pin hits the ground. This is a real gas No holsters or guns required to play this game.

More info.. go to THE SSA FORUM @ www.ssashooter.com or call Ron Jung@ 909 214-2648