View Full Version : S&w 539/639

03-07-2007, 5:03 PM
Anybody have an Idea why it's so hard to find The S&W 539 or 639 9mm?
Most people seem to want Hi-caps. So there should be a lot of them out there. I had a 639 Anumber of years ago. I traded it off for something else. HUGE mistake. If anyone knows of either of these pistols availabe, would you please let me know? Fixed sight preferred.

03-07-2007, 6:01 PM
Good question, I've been browsing for one too, but not seriously. No need to worry about competing with me, if I see one I'll pm you. They are super nice, sort of the poor mans 952. I wonder how hard it would be to drop a model 52 trigger mechanism in there. I bet the parts are available.

03-07-2007, 9:24 PM
You might be able to drop a 52 trigger mecanism in, the frames are very similar. But I'd check with a gunsmith before trying it. The difficulty would be getting the parts out of S&W. They'd probably be expensive as mags are now running abot $60.00 each.