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12-18-2011, 4:19 PM
Hello CalGunners!

My wife and I both carry Taser C2's. We use holsters because that little door covering the "zap" button doesn't close as affirmatively as we'd like in order to prevent accidental discharge.

She uses the hard leather holster...
...which is fine for purse carry. It's too bulky for belt carry for me so I tried the TUFF nylon holster...
...which is better but for my needs still impractical; it looks like I have a 1988 brick cell phone under my jacket and it's way too big to fit into a pocket (not to mention the stainless steel clip is really uncomfortable).

So the question is: Does anybody make a nylon sheath that can slip over the cartridge end and the activation button of the Taser C2 but still be thin enough to go into and out of the front pants pocket with ease? OR is there a known cell phone holster or sheath that people have had good luck with in terms of carrying a C2?

[I have seen there's a bloke at DefensiveCarry.com who made a Taser C2 Kydex shoulder rig, but i'm looking for pocket carry specifically; a little more practical than tactical. I intend to ask that poster the above question as well.]

Thanks - Ninong99

02-22-2012, 6:49 PM
Bumping this. I have a Taser C2 as well but the holsters mentioned above are way too bulky to conceal carry it.