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12-17-2011, 4:02 PM

12/17/11 @ EDRAGC


Hi-Point 4595TS (carbine)
17.5" barrel
9-round single-stack magazine w/ BB release

First rounds. Sight-in using standard "iron" sights: front - metal, raised-post assembly with circular-shroud (100% cover/protection) and a spike sight-post; rear - metal & plastic assembly, plastic peep with (slot-screw) elevation and windage adjustment.

Loads Shot

Reloads (mine)
5.4g W231
Zero 230g Plated Hollow Point (PHP)
Mixed Cases (mostly Federal 1x-fired)
Win LP Primers
COAL: 1.200"
Average FPS @ 906

Reloads (mine)
5.3g W231
Zero 230g Plated Round-Nose Full-Metal Jacket (PRN-FMJ)
Mixed Cases (mostly Federal 1x-fired)
Win LP Primers
COAL: 1.255"
Average FPS @ 879

Reloads (Miwall)
Powder (?)
230g Copper-Jacket Round-Nose Full-Metal Jacket (CRN-FMJ)
Mixed Cases
Primers (?)
COAL: 1.260" to 1.275"
Average FPS @ 892

Targets Shot

A. 50 yards - Official 100 yd Military Type Rifle Target - NRA Official Competition

B. 100 yards - Official 100 yd Military Type Rifle Target - NRA Official Competition


1. Trigger has a sharper-angled portion to the bottom of the trigger-face (I believe with the intent of creating a cup-like trigger face) that dug into my finger. After only 1 mag (9 rounds) my finger was hurting.

2. Trigger has consistent take-up and crisp release. Not like an AR trigger or even the one on my M1A, but not bad after you get used to the pull. Pull poundage estimated @ 7-8.

3. Front-sight assembly was cocked to the LEFT. First rounds hit far right. Adjusted front-sight assembly to the RIGHT to center it with relation to the stock fore end upper.

4. Rear-sight: Windage @ ZERO; Elevation @ middle of 5th bar from the top.

5. I was impressed with how the rear peep alignment to the front-sight circular, 100% cover/shroud enabled precise rear/front sight matching. Nicely designed.

6. For the majority of my shooting I shot @ 50 yards and used a lollypop sight picture.

7. For 100-yard shots (18 in total) I covered the black with the front-sight post tip at the top of the black center circle. No rear-sight elevation adjustments were performed at 100 yards.

8. I had NO fire issues at all. It ate all of my reloads and the Miwall reloads without a single hick-up of any kind.

9. One of my 6 9-round magazines caused the bolt release to become VERY DIFFICULT to engage. The bolt handle (on the left side) has to be pulled back about 1/8" to 1/4" to release the bolt forward over a freshly inserted magazine.

10. Other than this the other 5 magazines did not affect the bolt-release in any way, and release could be obtained by a fairly forceful rearward pull and quick release of/on the bolt-handle.

11. My 5.4g W231 PHP loads were fairly accurate; better than the Miwall reloads I bought at the Gun Show. The 5.3g PRN-FMJ loads I created performed terribly; groups were in the 10-12" range @ 50yds.

12. I believe I will try some HOTTER loads with the W231 to see if I can SAFELY get the FPS up over 1000. The 5.4g W231 is only a 94.74% (MAX @ 5.7g) load, so I should be able to bump it up to say 5.6g and try again.


I did NOT use the Red/Green DOT scope when shooting these rounds.




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nice. very clean review. good job