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12-17-2011, 3:13 PM
Hey guys I'm looking to buy my first AR15 within the next week or so as a xmas present for myself :) I've been looking at the MP15 Sport ($659 @ Turners) and have heard great reviews however I'm seeing a lot of people going the route of building their own. I'm really on the fence as I've never built a rifle from scratch and have no idea what components to consider. I like the idea of being able to get more for my money but the flip side is buying a complete rifle would be a lot easier.

So with that in mind, what would you guys recommend for my price range? Also, what optics would you recommend without breaking the bank?

Thanks in advance.

12-17-2011, 3:15 PM
i have built about 8 different ar-15's...... I love them, they are like adult lego's... but you need patience and have a want to tinker... assembling a stripped lower can be a pain the first time, but it gets better! personally your not going to beat the price of a DPMS oracle or MP15 at the moment...

12-17-2011, 3:50 PM
Depends really.. seems the lower is the most parts intensive but easiest and doesn't even require special tools to be honest.. I wouldn't do an upper without the proper tools. You can always go halfway and get completed upper from someone like frontier armory. You can deff. get way more bang for your buck building rather then buying complete.

12-17-2011, 3:57 PM
I am currently building my own AR. It was the most logical and practical choice for me, as I did not have $1k to drop at one time. So, what I did is build my own.

It allowed me to finance my build, in a sense. I bought two stripped lower receivers (9mm & 5.56), and have slowly been building them up, as money permits. This has also allowed me to choose exactly what components are going into my rifle.

I am by no means a handy man or tinkerer. However, I did play with Legos growing up. :D I was hesitant to attempt the builds, but I researched how to do it, and just did it. There are plenty of resources online that will literally walk you through it, step by step. I read over the instructions several times, and watched several YouTube videos on ow to do it.

When it came time to do it, I laid all of my pieces out, and watched the YouTube instructional video as I went along. The toughest part for me was installing the hammer. That damn hammer spring is strong! Lol...

In the end, I will have spent more money on my builds because of custom, higher end components, and will have to wait longer for the rifle to be complete, but I will have a better understaning of how the rifle works, and have exactly what I want on the rifle.

12-17-2011, 4:21 PM
Just built one with all the wrong tools. I think it is best if you build one and later on buy complete. This way you have an intimate knowledge of how to put the thing together which will give you a better understanding. I have built several in the past, but it has been some time.................just like getting on a bicycle again. 3 more need to be complete before Christmas

12-17-2011, 4:23 PM
Stripped lower and palmetto state armory kit.

12-17-2011, 4:24 PM
The prices you mentioned seem very reasonable for a complete gun.
I am new to AR's as well. Today was the first time I was able to go out and
shoot my new BCM M4.
I am very happy with my complete gun purchase. Now I have a much better understanding of how the components function. This will help if I want to build
my own for what ever purpose I come up with, long range, tactical, hunting or plinking.
Just get shooting and you will catch the bug!
First photo was the very first 10 shots after old school bore sighting (50 yards). Second photo was after sighting in. Bottom group was 100 yards top was 25 yards hitting a couple inches low.
This final group was after 100 founds fired, still not broken in yet and with Leupold 2.5X fixed power scope.
You will get hooked!

12-17-2011, 4:26 PM
I nvr built and ar before but always wanted one. So like previous post, I didn't have the money to just buy a complete and around here no one did carry an complete ar. So I done some research online,you tune, read step by step instruction online and decided to build one. Ordered these parts-
-stripped spike multi cal. Lower $104.00
-rock river lower parts kit $75.00
-rock river 6 position stock$65.00
-magpul pmag 10/30 $20.00
-bullet button $20.00
All from goldenstatetactical.com
(rob betts) great guy helped me out

Then ordered a del-Ton flat top 5.56 1/9 twist complete upper $375.00
-BSA red dot I got on black Friday sale $30
-riser for the red dot
Then some tax and shipping oh and transfer and dros fee all came out to about little under 800 I believe

But am really happy with it and is my first ar build took me 1hour or so on the lower was really easy, now I know each part in the lower and how to assemble and disassemble the rifle. And you have a honor of saying you built this rifle by your self.http://img.tapatalk.com/a6cd889d-40db-38d9.jpghttp://img.tapatalk.com/a6cd889d-4128-e07e.jpghttp://img.tapatalk.com/a6cd889d-4145-8dd5.jpg

12-17-2011, 5:09 PM
Thanks for all your replies. Whether I build or buy complete everything will be bought at once as I have the cash ready to spend. Anyone find a forward assist worth it?

12-17-2011, 5:15 PM
you can build a stag for under 800. ar15sales.com

12-17-2011, 5:19 PM
The Mp 15 has no dust cover as well as no forward assist. I think to be honest, building your own will limit your resale value, and not give you a warranty. On the other hand, if you intend to keep your rifle building your own will give you the confidence that you have exactly what you wanted. Since there are a lot of AR-15 on the market place, a custom built one, wont sell for what you put into it. Using Noveske or really hot stuff parts would increase resale value. In comparison, if you buy a Colt or a nice LWRC, Sig you can get more kept value.

I built my lower using a hammer, a screwdriver and a nail. It wasn't easy, but it would have been if I had the right tools.

12-17-2011, 5:51 PM
I did this with less than $800

12-17-2011, 5:53 PM
That's why I was asking about the forward assist. The dust cover isn't a big deal as that can be easily added but let's be honest, I won't be crawling though sand or dirt to fire this gun. This gun will be used on the range so I'm not sure I really need the features the mp15 sport lacks, hence the reason why I am considering that gun.

12-17-2011, 6:01 PM
No contest, build.

12-17-2011, 6:08 PM
I just got mine going. I bought a Bravo Company upper from their website along with the BCM charging handle and a Magpul stock. Then I bought a BCM bolt carrier from G&R Tactical. Here in town I bought a Spikes stripped lower, a lower parts kit, buffer tube, etc. as well as an upgraded pistol grip. All in all, I didn't completely build it, but in the end I ended up spending more than I wanted to, and I haven't even bought iron sights or any kind of scope or optic, ughhh. So, building it yourself isn't always cheaper. Then again, I guess it depends on your needs and what you want to build. I was thinking about the S&W M&P-15 Tactical before I decided to go the direction I did.

12-17-2011, 6:10 PM
Honestly, I had a blast building my OLL! Its pretty simple especially since there are a few tutorials on youtube! ;)

12-17-2011, 6:29 PM
my ar15 was my very first gun i bought and built it from scratch

12-17-2011, 6:40 PM
For those who have built tgeirs, can you guys post parts list and pics?

12-17-2011, 7:02 PM
Stripped lower and palmetto state armory kit.

If I were to build up a carbine right now that would be it.

12-17-2011, 7:04 PM
For those who have built tgeirs, can you guys post parts list and pics?

Pretty much this


12-17-2011, 7:05 PM
For those who have built tgeirs, can you guys post parts list and pics?

That's a really broad question...what sort of rifle do you want?

12-17-2011, 7:25 PM
i have built about 8 different ar-15's...... I love them, they are like adult lego's... but you need patience and have a want to tinker... assembling a stripped lower can be a pain the first time, but it gets better! personally your not going to beat the price of a DPMS oracle or MP15 at the moment...

Yeah you can. For the money, Palmettostatearmory.com has some uppers that smoke the Oracle and M&P 15 sport due to having better barrels and components. I just got a "Strikefire G2S" which is a 4150 Steel barrel, MPI tested, HP tested, Geissele 2 stage trigger, Vortex Strikefire optic, MBUS BUIS, all shipped for $799. You can get a cheaper one without the trigger and optic for $599 right now with just a sight, and it came with a bullet button and everything. These are chrome lined and WAY better quality than either of the other two mentioned for the price.

12-17-2011, 7:57 PM
I'm really drawn to the smith and wesson mp sport for about 600...

12-17-2011, 9:19 PM
For those who have built tgeirs, can you guys post parts list and pics?

Watcha mean by that?