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03-07-2007, 1:40 AM
Hey guys, I was just thinking and I came up with this idea and I wanted to know what you guys though of it.

I have a contractor that works exclusively for my family. I do not have enough space in my room for a gun safe and I am not too fond of the way they look.

I was thinking about having my contractor build a custom locking gun cabinet on my wall made of wood. (kinda like the one's you see where they have British hunting rifles in them) It would have 2 glass doors and stands where I can put my guns on for display and to keep them safe.

I do not have any children in the house, my house door is always locked with alarm on and the door to my room has a biometric lock on it.

Right now I keep my AK in a Pelican case, I am wondering would there be any harm done to the guns keeping them in this display case? Moisture, dust, and air for example? The AK does have a very polished bolt and my UZI does not have a chromed lined barrel. I don't think gun safes are air tight or water proof (to the best of my knowledge they are not).

What do you guys think?

03-07-2007, 1:51 AM
Seems like besides the security issue of a glass and wood display case, the problems you're worried about would be solved with some dessicent (sp) or silica gel.

03-07-2007, 2:06 AM
I don't think it is a big security risk. Many people sleep with hand guns next to their bed (as stated in a previous post) My house is very secure and my room is even more so. No children in the house, and no one except close trusted friends are allowed in my sleeping room. So I am not too worried about a guy I just met coming over seeing the case and deciding to break in, since he wouldn't even get a chance to see it.

03-07-2007, 7:25 AM
If you have the money just buy a gun safe. Custom wood cabinets will look nice yes, but you can never be 100% sure that no one will break into your house. If you end up with the wood cabinet and worried about moisture just hit up Walmart and get yourself some DAMPRID. I have it in my safe and works great.

03-07-2007, 8:13 AM
if you have it in a pelican theives can get to it almost as easily as if it was in a wood cabinet. i say if you have the money go for it! biometric lock on the door? hmmmm

03-07-2007, 9:15 AM
Have an electical outlet put in so you can put one in a dehumidifier rod, similar to http://cgi.ebay.com/MOISTURE-KING-18-DEHUMIDIFIER-ROD-Gun-safe_W0QQitemZ150090729659QQcmdZViewItem in it.

While you're doing this, why not go all out and add in lights, and maybe even run a dedicated circuit to your security system?

03-07-2007, 10:55 AM
A foot kicking-in the door to your room does not care if the lock is biometric or whatever.

03-07-2007, 1:25 PM
Great suggestion guys - recessed lighting was in the plan already. What exactly is Damprid? This would be permanently attached to the wall, or maybe even recessed in. I am just throwing ideas around. It is not the most secure thing in the world, I do realize that and it is either buy a gun safe soon (not too fond of the looks and does not fit where I want it to fit) or going with a custom build like this. It will turn out beautiful - it will have crown molding around it and everything, it would turn out to be really beautiful.

03-07-2007, 1:32 PM
PS - I do not suggest a biometric door lock. I am soon going to replacing mine with a standard key pad. In case of emergences the paramedics would have a hard time opening your door. One could go on listing many more examples, I am a computer programmer and have been working with biometrics for the lat 4 years. (Anyone remember U.are.U?) The commercial door locks are just not up to par. Get a keypad, give family a code, give trusted people a code - if you feel you cannot trust them anymore, remove their code.

03-07-2007, 1:38 PM
Damprid is dessicant. You can buy tubs of it and just keep replacing it as needed. But yeah Megavolt was right, the dehumidifier rod would look and work better.

If you're not looking for a huge safe then you can always go to Lowes.
I didn't want to go the giant safe route so I bought a Sentry safe for $400 at Lowes and fits right inside my office closet. You'd never guess I had a safe.

03-07-2007, 11:14 PM
With a good alarm system you are at least partially trying to slow them down, give time for a response.
So adding a cable thru the trigger guards to a secure bracket would give one more level.
Also possibly get tempered glass, again just to slow them down.
Safe would be the best but given enough time even that won't stop a pro.

03-08-2007, 12:18 AM
You also could get some of the high grade impact resistant lexan poly carbonate.

There is a display at my vender of a 1" thick sheet with various bullet calibers stuck in it from their impacts.

It might be a good way to slow down people from trying to get through glass.

03-08-2007, 12:41 AM
The 1" glass idea is a good idea but I was planning on putting elaborate wood moldings over the glass, so the glass would need to be rather thin for it to look right. If I end up doing this, the project will take a while since my contractor is working on my other house right now, but I will post pics if I decide to go through with it. Thanks a lot for your input guys.


03-08-2007, 7:37 AM
Goldenrod is a low voltage heater designed to remove humidity from safe interiors. I'd recommend one (or two depending on cabinet size) inside the display. Incandescent or halogen lights would also work as a dehumidifier, but only if left on all the time. I'd suggest LED lighting instead for a even soft glow. 1/2" polycarb would be better than glass but like a chain, security is only as good as the weakest link.

Can someone kick in the door?
Can someone punch a hole through an interior wall? Two sheets of drywall isn't much security.
Can someone punch in the "glass"? That includes hitting it hard enough to dislodge from its frame.
Can someone pry open the cabinet doors?
If held in racks, is there a security bar going across all firearms that prevents their removal?