View Full Version : WTS:Daniel Defense/Adams Arms Piston/Battle Comp Upper

12-15-2011, 4:58 PM
Well this just got finished today thanks to a buddy of mine pinning the comp to the barrel. Just want to see if anyone is intrested as i might have a possible other project ive been eyeballiing

Heres the list of parts:
-Daniel Defense upper reciever
-Daniel Defense bolt
-Daniel Defense 9.5FSP Lite Rail
-Daniel Defense CHF 14.5 Barrel M4 Profile
-Battle Comp 1.5 Pinned/TIG welded
-Adams Arms Piston kit carbine
-BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle/Medium

Everthing is new and never been fired just want to see if i have any intrest in someone buying this i will not part it out as the comp. is pinned on there.My brother has the same exact upper we built these together and he added a heavybuffers 5.5oz buffer and they shoot with damn near recoil IMO they feel like my .22 LR just louder.I am extremly pleased with how these handle i just have my eye on something outside of the AR realm.

1300obo shoot me an offer the worst i can say is NO
No shipping as of now FTF only
Located in Simi Valley

12-15-2011, 6:20 PM
Pics added

12-18-2011, 4:21 PM
any offers?