View Full Version : 2- Very Nice Garand Trigger Groups and C46008- 2SA Hammer

12-15-2011, 11:06 AM
Items will be shipped USPS,insurance extra and must be asked for if wanted
No PayPal, Postal Money Order unless I know you then Personal Check is OK
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Another great WWII trigger group F/S
SA5 hammer
SA 14 housing
SA 11 safety
Milled trigger guard , lugs just slightly flat, good lock up
very good condition , no rust or pitting, very little wear to finish
SOLD $90.00 PLUS $5.20 shipping,
No PayPal, Postal Money Order Prefered

Very Nice trigger group, professionally reparked in a medium/dark gray
SA 12 Housing
SA 5 Hammer
SA 11 Safety
Stamped trigger guard with milled hook, very good round lugs
I did not have the trigger or hammer " pins" refinished for function
All very good inspec parts
Hasnt been used or installed on a rifle since it was refinished
$85.00 plus $5.20 shipping




12-15-2011, 11:06 AM
C46008- 2SA Hammer, no rust or pittingSOLD $35.00 shipped to lower 48