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03-06-2007, 10:49 AM
Sheriff Youngblood has changed the policy back to the "gentlemen's agreement" where those who live in city jurisdiction areas have to apply with the BPD.

Found out the other day they supposedly intend to "send back" the applications turned in within the past 2-3 weeks. Was down there dropping off a utility bill as a residency proof last Wed and they wouldn't even take it regardless of the fact I'd turned the application in 2 weeks earlier. They pointed me to a new letter on the window, asked them "when did this start" and the reply was "just today".

Further, no idea if after being rejected on these grounds if you will have to go through an appeals process with the BPD because you technically were denied. Or if after the BPD chooses to deny you for not having good cause, if you can return to KCSO and appeal through them.

03-06-2007, 11:35 AM
I knew it. Youngblood did not support CCW's early in his career. Recently he became pro-gun otherwise he would never be elected in Kern. Well, looks like he flipped back to his true colors .

03-06-2007, 3:00 PM
It's always been an option that any county sheriff may require you to apply first to your local P.D. The P.D may, or may not, issue. If they do not issue, you should get a written "Letter of Denial" (you are entitled to this, don't get put off by a verbal denial).

Then you should be able to apply to the Sheriff, who must consider the application in light of his/her department's policies (which should be in writing and should be made available to you if you ask).

So, the only change may be going first through the hoop of applying to the P.D. - the Sheriff's consideration of your application after that might well be based on the same criteria as before. Or maybe not.

Please contact us at http://www.californiaconcealedcarry.com/feedback.html and let us know what you find out.

Good luck.

03-06-2007, 4:29 PM
does bpd issue permits.my dad lives in taft.where would he apply. taft pd taft so or bpd?what are the reasons for getting one down there

Is Taft policed by BPD or does it have its own P.D.? In either case, it sounds as if the latest S.O. policy might require him to apply to that P.D. first.

If Taft is policed by Taft P.D., the S.O. may, or may not, require him to apply there first
If Taft is policed by BPD, it sounds as if the new requirement requires him to apply there first
If Taft is policed by the Kern S.O., then he should apply directly to them.

The reputation of BPD is not particularly CCW friendly, but there are worse places. They do tend to put lots of restrictions on their CCW's (e.g. "Only valid when the moon is in the first quadrant and you are actually carrying the valuables you said you needed a CCW for and then only within the city limits when there is no vowel in the month." OK, I'm being facetious, but you get the picture, I'm sure)

Let us know what you find out (link in my previous email), remembering that they are required to give you their policy, in writing, at both PD's and SO's. However, a verbal request may, or may not, be sufficient. If you don't get a reply to your verbal request, request in writing by Certified Mail addressed to the chief/sheriff (as may be). If that doesn't work, write again, Certified Mail, copying the city or county counsel. That should do it.

Wait a minute, I'm retyping all the information that can be found on our website.

03-06-2007, 4:47 PM
For Taft figure out where you live.

There are portions of it that fall under jurisdiction of KCSO and parts of it that are Taft PD. Taft PD does their own dispatching and pretty sure they are a totally seperate entity away from BPD.

Desert Rat
03-19-2007, 7:25 PM
.....................................Here is the latest info:


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Liz Money
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Office of Sheriff Donny Youngblood