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12-14-2011, 6:28 AM
Wanted to convey one of the best online purchase experiences I've ever had. (and I buy A LOT of stuff online)

After spending about a week researching IWB holster options, I found out about Tommy Theis holsters, and decided to give his holster a try.

I needed something that would let me carry a P89, and Tommy offered one.
His holsters are similar to the Crossbreed Supertuck (as many are), but are priced more reasonably, offer shorter turnaround times, and better service.

I ordered on a Thursday, and had my holster by Wednesday.... 6 days door to door.... Impressive.

The quality was first rate, and the fit was absolutely perfect. The rivet work was clean, and the kydex was molded perfectly.

Unfortunately, I don't think ANY holster can make carry of a P89 comfortable forlong term carry, so I opted to buy a different gun (an M&P Compact).

I called Tommy, and he told me to send the p89 model back, and he'd make me a new one, no charge. (He offers a lifetime warranty, and a 2 week "no questions asked" return policy)

He emails every step of the way, and when I called to speak with him, he had plenty of time to chat. A very nice person.

I rarely write reviews, and have no affiliation with Tommy or his company.
Check out his website for photos and product info.

Oh, and he takes PayPal, which makes online purchases EASY!


12-14-2011, 11:46 AM
thanks for the review of your experience. i've read some other nice reviews about this company. it's always a major plus when the proprietor cares enough to communicate with the customer.