View Full Version : Anyone buy a Hi-Point TS Carbine yet from Turners Out-snoresman?

12-13-2011, 12:27 PM
Just saw a Turners ad this morning, wanted to get opinions on these as I am tempted to run down and get one for a "buddy at the range can shoot this one" carbine.

Admittedly, I presently don't own any KelTecs or "inexpensive" pistols, shotguns or carbines so it would be a stretch for me.

Experiences and evaluations are appreciated..
Hi-Point bashing and or "only a $2000 tacticool AR is worth owning. Also keep in mind this is not for HD purposes, got my bolo machete for that.


Mail Clerk
12-13-2011, 8:17 PM
I don't know much about the carbines but one of my buddies has one and never complained about it. In addition I read a past magazine article about their pistols and although they said it was bulky, hard to disassemble and reassemble after cleaning and the price was low they said it wasn't a bad pistol in reality.

For years I've considered getting one of each and packing them away for any possible emergencies. I suggest you get the 9mm version for both and stick to one caliber as possible.

Mail Clerk

12-13-2011, 8:25 PM
I got the 9mm carbine about a month ago. I've only been out shooting it once, but it was accurate out of the box and I had no issues with it at all. We're looking forward to shooting it again, it's a lot of fun for a low price.

12-13-2011, 9:22 PM
its a great carbine! i have shot over 1000+ rounds and did the 4day carbine class at frontsight. held up with the big boys. every time i get a new rifle i willl take it to front sight and do classes. everyone there was really impressed. dead on at 75yards.