View Full Version : Fenix TK12 - $36.00 after coupon

Jon Se
12-13-2011, 9:25 AM
Gearhog currently has a $20 for $40 gift certificate to Smokey Mtn Knife Works promotion going.

Smokey Mtn knife works is currently selling a Fenix TK12 R5 for $49.99 (which is a deal by itself).

So here's the breakdown:
1. Buy the GC from Gearhog
2. Add a cheap filler item to make your purchase total >$50
3. Apply coupon 11DFACES to drop the price by $5 (5 off 50 coupon)
4. At the payment page, type in the GC code from Gearhog to drop the price by $40.
5. Add $10 shipping cost

Total cost comes out to - $20 (coupon) + $5 (flashlight) + $1 filler + $10 S/H cost = roughly $36.00

Gearhog link w/ referral (I get Gearhog credit to spend): Here (http://www.gearhog.com?rf=267144)
Or w/o referral: Here (http://www.gearhog.com)
SMKW product page: Here (http://www.smkw.com/webapp/eCommerce/products/fenix+tk12/Fenix%26%23153%3B+TK12+R5+Flashlight/OABTK12R5.html)