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03-05-2007, 5:24 PM
I'd like to put a Mfiap fake suppressor on my RRA upper. What is the outer diameter of the 16 inch RRA barrels near the flash suppressor? I don't have a micrometer at home so it would be great if somebody could measure for me.

03-05-2007, 5:52 PM
These are Airsoft toys. Put 'em on Airsoft.

Stick to regular parts on your AR. Don't screw up a good rifle.

Airsoft parts on ARs == gay.

Besides, why attach an item that looks like an illegal/prohibited device?

03-05-2007, 5:59 PM
Don't even put a "look-like-illegal" stuff on your firearm. Owning firearms should be serious.

The BATF agents will take your "toy" suppressor then attach it on a real firearm for testing. Although first shot destroys the suppressor, it still suppresses the sound. Then you are busted. Good luck!:)

03-05-2007, 6:02 PM
MFI fake cans are made for real ars. 10% tested one a couple of weeks ago.

03-05-2007, 6:17 PM
I play airsoft. Its fun. These particular ones are for real ARs. If I want one on my AR then its my business. I have to have one to make my CAR into a commando. I was originally going to attach one to a 11.5 inch barrel but since it must be permanently attached I'll get more accuracy by slipping one over a 16 inch barrel to get the look I want. I also have my own private ranges so gripe elsewhere please and don't jack the thread.

If nobody will Mic an RRA barrel for me I'll just call up RRA

03-05-2007, 6:18 PM
Gee, isn't it nice to get a straight answer? :rolleyes:

The MFI will fit over any standard contoured AR barrel. You just have to decide what adapter you want to use (to give it different lengths from the muzzle) and then take off the flash hider. It does not fit over the flash hider.

03-05-2007, 7:03 PM
Don't even put a "look-like-illegal" stuff on your firearm. Owning firearms should be serious.

10/30 Magazines...... :p

03-05-2007, 7:37 PM

Here is Wes' review. And pics of my rifle with the Spike's Tactical fake can on it. As Wes said, it will fit just need to get your spacer that you want.


I like my can, it is actually functional because it seems to keep the barrel cooler.