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12-12-2011, 5:12 PM

This is an internal, NATO approved GuideRod Laser system for XD handguns with a 5" barrel. Let the bullets hit the red dot!

I am a bit shy of what I need to pay my bills this month and one of the items I have decided to sell to get caught up a bit is my Lasermax LMS-5XD internal guide-rod laser.

I was going to give Calguns users first shot at it if there was any interest, otherwise I will EBAY it.

I bought this about a year ago and have put a few hundred rounds on my Pistol with it installed mostly to make sure it worked good in the Pistol.

However for the most part I only kept this item in my gun at home, and when I go out to the desert to practice I take it out and use my stock guide rod since there is no point in having a laser out there in broad daylight. When I clean the gun at home I put the laser rod back in so that it is ready next to my bed.

I bought this because I wear glasses but not to bed. With a bright laser I have no problems being safe and accurate even without glasses in the middle of the night for potential home defense.

The laser itself performs like new and the only part that really shows wear is the battery cover which is plastic and replaceable, although it currently does not need to be replaced.

However since the plastic battery cap finds a sweet spot and breaks in a bit making a receiver impression I recommend replacing it anyway ($10) since the shape of your gun may vary slightly from mine. They are less than 10 dollars on the lasermax website. That being said it will certainly work out of the box in any full sized 5" barreled springfield XD 9mm or .40 S&W.

I will offer a significant discount from a new Laser. But I won't give it away as it is mechanically perfect and has not seen enough use to affect it's lifetime. This should be under warranty still but I have to search around to see if I can find the receipt.

I have the original box and packaging and documentation and was going to post pics but I had to charge my camera first. I'll add them in after a while.

You used to have to pay around $350 for these but you can find them cheaper now. I'm willing to let this one go for about $175 shipped.

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12-13-2011, 11:49 AM
Thanks for the assist!

I think I need to take some better pics but at least you can see them now without searching Photobucket. I just got that Photobucket thing yesterday to do this as Cox Cable has stopped providing the free Webspace I used to use.:D But I got the free version and didn't want to go over bandwidth.

The original pics are higher res and can be emailed or I can take better ones if anybody wants.

I have a better Camera charged up now that has a macro setting.

But it is pretty much in new condition except for the reciever mark on the plastic batt cover which is normal (and replaceable for 10 bucks if it worries anyone).

12-14-2011, 4:59 PM