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12-11-2011, 1:50 PM
Hey guys, have done my research on the web for this gun, reviews are mostly poor (frequent jamming being the most commonly cited complaint). However, a few of the newer reviews state Remington has taken steps to address these issues. Anyone have recent experience with this rifle? I am strongly considering buying it. It looks great and the price is right, provided it will function properly. Thanks!


12-11-2011, 4:45 PM
This is a technical rifle typically used by non-technical hunters. Maintenance of a gas gun includes inspection and cleaning of the magazines.

The first iteration of this rifle came out in the late 50's (the 740) and was the favorite rifle of Fidel Castro, according to a Life magazine article I read 20+ years ago. It's a very straight forward design, but it is more complicated than a bolt gun.

I hunted for years with a 742 in 3006 I borrowed from my Dad. He had jamming problems - I took that original, only-got-one magazine apart, the leaf spring was snapped in two. I've since bought him a couple of factory magazines and two different 10 rd variants, all of which function properly.

25+ years ago in high school I handloaded the then new Nosler Ballistic Tip with the notion that it would eliminate any hangups that might occur with exposed lead tipped bullets. Never had a problem. You can buy commercial ammo, including Barnes Lead Free, that has polymer tips that will feed perfectly in the rifle.

I recall that Gun Test said the Remington wasn't as good as the Browning BAR, but for half the money, it was a really good value in addition to being a darn good rifle. Not my cup of tea but a good solid choice. I wouldn't sweat complainers.

Brian in CA

12-11-2011, 4:59 PM
I know a guy that has one in 30-06 and never a problem, but I have heard numerous jamming stories...hence the nick name, Jammomatic. How true I don't know. I would pony up far a Bar myself...IMO