View Full Version : Last minute FFL change. Less than $60 near Santa Monica?

12-10-2011, 6:01 PM
In a nutshell, I purchased a gun and the accepting FFL is not able to receive the gun.

After doing some searching on gunbroker for FFLs, the cheapest I have found is $60 (includes DROS) at Suchar Enterprises in Hawthorne.

Anyone know of or have used anyone cheaper than this? Thanks, need to find someone by Monday.

12-10-2011, 6:21 PM
Keep in mind to add taxes to that (unless you bought in california)

12-10-2011, 6:38 PM
It's coming from out of state, so I already had taxes in mind, although those should be the same regardless of FFL.
Are there still FFLs out there not charging tax?