View Full Version : Polish Underfolder Legal with "pinned" stock

03-04-2007, 9:59 AM
So, I am in the process of refinishing my polish uf. I'd like to make it CA-legal by pinning the mag (hopefully a jpglee modified mag) and fixing the underfolder mechanism to be "non-underfolding".

To make the underfolder non-folding, I was planning on inserting a metal sleeve in the clockwork mechanism for the stock. This metal sleeve fits over the "spindle" part of the mechanism, and prevents the release button from being depressed. After inserted, the retaining pins for the mechanism are put back in place, and voila- a non-folding stock has been created.

So, my question to those legal pundits on the board is, "Is preventing the release button from being actuated, thereby making the stock non-folding, CA-legal for a fixed stock configuration?" Yeah, I know that I could break out some welding gear to "permanently" fix the stock, but I'd really like to avoid going down this route and screwing up my parkerizing job.

Much thanks!

(If this is too confusing, I'll post pictures of what I mean... However, those of you who own Polish UF stocks probably know exactly what I mean).