View Full Version : My first Glock: Range Report on G26 (Baby Glock 9mm)

03-04-2007, 9:47 AM
Well, it looks like another person is making his way to the Dark Side...

I recently hooked up with forum member Biff and traded a OLL + $$$ for a lightly used G26 w/ Trijicons. To be frank, when I traded for it, I figured I will probably turn around and trade the g26 for the Glock I have really been eye-balling (the g23).

My experience with Glocks has been limited to the 17, 22, 23 and 27. The 22 was no fun to shoot due to stock sights and brand new trigger, but the g23 and g27 impressed me greatly.

Well, I shot the g26 and all I can say is WOW, THIS THING IS SCARY ACCURATE!:eek: I have big hands (6 feet 4 n) and with the Pearce grip extensions, it was no problem getting a good grip. I am really digging the reset on the Glock, as well as the finish. Oh well, guess I will have to buy a g23 instead of trading this 26 for one. On the bright side, a Glock addiction will be cheaper than a Sig addiction.;)

Here is a group my friend shot. He is a very good shot (in my eyes). I could not even come close to this. I think this was his first time shooting a sub-compact Glock at that...

25 feet, 10 rounds of WWB FMJ, 1 shot every 2 seconds or so

03-04-2007, 10:26 AM
Good to hear from a fellow Glock fan. It does take some time getting used to firing a Glock...but once you get the hang of it, LOOK OUT!!! Here comes a straight "Glock" shooter.

I have a Glock 35 and love it...I'm planning to get a G27 later this year, or maybe a new .45GAP.

Here's my G35 results with the last five rounds...first shot was a fluke.:mad:

03-04-2007, 9:19 PM
My favorite thing about the glock trigger is the reset is short and if you learn to work with it you can shoot fast AND accurate.

03-04-2007, 9:55 PM
I have a Glock 19 and I love it! It is all around a great pistol.

03-05-2007, 11:20 AM
The sub-compacts seem to be the most accurate Glocks.

03-05-2007, 12:20 PM
Call me crazy, but I can shoot a G19 and G23 more accurately than my G34!

That said, try shooting a G30 (45 acp) and tell me what you think.

Can't explain it, don't know why, but it just is!

Welcome to the dark side....


03-05-2007, 6:01 PM
Ahhh The G30..I love mine...Sooo Accurate I impress myself sometimes.

Black Majik
03-05-2007, 6:07 PM

That's some really good shooting man! I just read your SIGs are off to Scott. At first I thought you sent your G26 over to them! :eek:

03-06-2007, 12:58 PM
Good report. I know this might sound silly, but can you sense a noticable difference in recoil compared to say a G19?

I know the G19 barrel is 4.02" vs 3.46", only .56 shorter, but can you feel the difference?

I like the fact that the G26 can accept a G19 barrel.