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03-03-2007, 8:41 PM
Met this guy at the Glendale gun show today from Simi Valley, has anyone dealt with him, seems like a good guy
I live in an apartment so I'm not trying to move a half ton monster in here, it looks to me like the centurion series is the best bang for the buck. I almost bought one of those cheepo safes from home depot, but I think I will spend the extra money to get something decent. Thanks

03-05-2007, 12:22 PM
You are paying for advertising. If you have to go "inexpensive", chain brand (I bet you can get the lockout drill procedure from the web...) The American security is a better product. door will have more active bolts and the door will be at least 1/4 inch plate steel (not 12 gauge) On some amsec models they use concrete fire barrier (instead of drywall) it is an added theft deterrent.

I had a liberty colonial, looks nice and will keep the kids out....

go with http://www.visaliasafes.com/
more steel, less price