View Full Version : satisfying, yet somewhat frustrating day at the range today...

03-03-2007, 2:44 PM
I was going to try one of the outdoor ranges but I heard it was very windy today and I got a late start so I decided instead to just head to the indoor range and get my new cheapo scope "on paper" at 25 yards just so it will be easier to adjust for 100 when I can get outdoors next time.

I haven't fired this rifle since I added the scope and bipod. The first bit of frustration was that I attached my target and sent it down 25 yards while I loaded up a few mags. The guy next to me was blasting away with a pretty powerful handgun (never did make out exactly what it was) but just the concussion was pretty impressive - much worse than my rifle. By the time I got a round in the chamber and looked down range there was already 3 holes in my target! I took my first shot and it was about 7 " to the right and about 4" too low. My scope claims it is 1/8" per click at 100 yards so unless I am doing the math wrong here, that should be about 1/2" inch per click at 25 yards, so about 14 clicks left and about 8 clicks up. But by the time I got it zeroed I had to move it so many clicks I lost count. Do I have this backwards, should it take 4X the clicks at 25 yards and not 1/4 of the clicks? :confused:

When I finally got it zeroed I loaded up a mag with some Federal XM-193 to get these final groupings. I know it is only 25 yards but I am impressed with the accuracy considering I was shooting standing straight off the bench on my bipod, while the guy next to me was making the bench bounce as he was banging on his rifle like a mo fo to clear a jam or something :mad: I want to get some bench rest bags and get this rifle outdoors to see what I can do at 100 yards.


Technical Ted
03-03-2007, 2:53 PM
Calculating off the top of your head, that 7" at 25 yds should come out to 28" at 100 yds. 4" at 25 yds would be 16".

03-03-2007, 3:00 PM
ok, so I did have it backwards. That should be 224 clicks then for windage. I don't think it was that many but it sure was a lot - I thought about 100. Then again, this is a cheap scope so I don't know how accurate the adjustment knobs are. Thanks for clearing this up.