View Full Version : 7.62x51 Adams Arms Piston conversion kit??

12-06-2011, 4:58 PM
Basically i converted one of my 5.56 Ar-15 using the adams arms piston kit and i really like the way it performs for the price. I realize its no LWRC or POF but for the price i have not one bad word to say about it. So basically been hearing some rumors of a conversion kit for the 7.62x51 AR platform.Anyone know when there releasing a kit or does anyone know of another company that makes a kit. Please I dont want this to turn into a huge debate over DI vs Piston Im well aware of the advantages/disadvantages and have formed my own opinion on conversion kits for AR's..Just was curious if anyone has heard of larger bore conversion kits either coming out or kits that have already been released cause i cant find any info and i really want to convert my LR.308

12-06-2011, 5:58 PM
have you tried emailing them?