View Full Version : 45gr JHP out of a 1/7?

03-02-2007, 11:16 AM
So I was just given some remington 45gr JHP .223, but my AR has a 1/7 twist barrel. I was wondering if it was ok to shoot the 45 gr stuff through it. I am assuming that 45gr is to light for a 1/7, but I wanted to check with you guys first.

03-02-2007, 11:19 AM
I'm not an expert but I was under the impression that anything under 55 would spin to fast in a 1-7. check http://www.ammo-oracle.com/ for more info

03-02-2007, 11:20 AM

03-02-2007, 11:22 AM
I have a bolt action rifle with a 1:8 twist barrel. Shoots 45 grainers just fine.

03-02-2007, 11:28 AM
I shoot 45 grain JHP through my 1/7 cmmg upper with no problems

03-02-2007, 11:35 AM
I shoot 45 grain JHP through my 1/7 cmmg upper with no problems

I'm suprised you don't have problems.... 1-7 is wayyyy to fast for a 45gr JHP

03-02-2007, 11:43 AM
no problems at all...I bought a bunch of boxes of ammo from walmart and one of them was 45 JHP and they shot fine....I usually use 55 grain though

03-02-2007, 12:07 PM
What kind of question is this? Go shoot a group and report back the results! It won't hurt your gun, they just might not shoot well.

Just send them to me, I will test them and report the results back! :D

03-02-2007, 12:25 PM
Yeah, try them out on some paper targets and see if they keyhole or fragment. It really is the only way to know for sure.

03-02-2007, 12:34 PM
Ok, I guess once I get my AR zeroed Ill test them :D

03-02-2007, 4:27 PM
I haven't ried the Rem but I've shot the PMC and WWB 45gr JHP out of my Mini14, which is 1-7. At 50yds I wasn't getting any grouping(am assuming it's the rifle) and have experienced jacket seperation. With WWB, several instances the jacket is found in front of the paper target. I believe the bullet fragmented upon hitting the paper. I highly doubt any meaningfull penetration with this combo(rifle & WWB 45gr JHP) except for small game and surface wound on light skinned targets.