View Full Version : Hydro Buffer and Piston system?

12-04-2011, 9:52 AM
Has anyone used a Hydraulic buffer and a Adams arms piston system together?
My AA upper is a soft shooter already, would the Hyd buffer make it any softer, or would it cause problems with cycling rounds??
I was also thinking about adding a POF roller cam pin to make it slicker than snot.....:rolleyes:
What do any of you think about these ideas??
Thanks, Eric....

12-04-2011, 10:21 AM
If you're talking about the Enidine buffer, I don't think it's worth it. They might soften the cycle a very tiny bit, but it adds an annoying amount of resistance to the last 3/8" when pulling the charging handle.

12-04-2011, 10:30 AM
Hummmmm, I Didnt think about that..... Thanks for the input.
I was looking at the ITT buffer.

12-05-2011, 8:07 AM
Any one else?? Pro's Con's??
Thanks Eric....

12-05-2011, 10:42 AM
I bought one for my 16" DI carbine and it seems to run just fine.
Heard "stories" about overheating, failing, locking up etc.. Mine seems to work and the already low recoil is subjectively softer.
Combined with a good muzzle brake you can notice a difference.
CH pull is not a big deal at all. Hard to notice.
Smoke'm if you got 'em.

12-05-2011, 1:47 PM
Haven't had any issues with my Enidine buffer but then again I use it for high power matches.