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12-04-2011, 9:23 AM
I am am looming to start building a bench rifle and was wondering what would be a good starting place. I was thinking about a Tikka T3 or possibly a Remington 700. Both chambered in 308. Any idea for a scope?

12-04-2011, 2:23 PM
When you say building a "benchgun", are you talking about actually building something (action, barrel, stock, trigger, etc) or buying a factory rifle and putting a new scope or stock on it? Do you want to shoot from front and rear rests or use a bipod? How you intend to shoot will dictate stock recommendations if building a rifle (ie, using rests vs. bipod)

Are you looking to punch tiny holes in a target 100 or 1000 yards away? What group size would you be happy with? Many factory Remingtons/Savages are capable of 100 yd., 5 shot, .5" groups frequently with factory match ammo (gets expensive shooting that stuff though). Do you reload? There are much more accurate cartridges than .308.

Depending upon budget, I wouldn't use a Remington or a Tikka if starting from scratch. Scope recommendations would also be based on budget and intended distances to be shot and personal preferences.

I shoot long range benchrest and want as much magnification as possible in my scope, I may not always use it but, I want it available when I can. A lot of guys in the short range BR game use fixed power Leupolds (or Sightrons or Weavers) in 36x to 45x.

So....a few things to think about. Most importantly, budget for rifle and budget for scope.