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I grew up in Bakersfield. My wife was accepted to UCSD Pharmacy school this year, and a few months we moved down here to San Diego. I grew up around firearms. Matter of fact, I might have been in one of the last high-school "marksmanship classes" in all of California. (Note: That was a public school.) Once I moved down to SD, and we had the power outage... I understood just how fair away my father's gun safe was. I think guns will be very important soon. :TFH:

I have a list in my head of the weapons that I want (order of priority).

1)1911 (RIA or SA) - Was thinking maybe a CZ-75b 40 cal, or a XD40... fired a rented 1911 over the holiday, and loved the 1911. I also used my friend's XD as well. It was good... but the 1911 was as sexy as my wife (don't tell her). The funnest part was throwing 8+1 .45 slugs down range as fast at I could recover from the recoil :28:. I figure if California is going to limit my magazine's size- i'm going to make every round count.

2)22 LR rifle - plink for as long as the day is long. I really do not care ... any accurate simi auto will do. It is all about the trigger-pull.

3)M1A - Aim high or go home... during Jrotc in high school drill team we used them. I guess that warped my understanding of what is a ... rifle. There is a reason the Marines still use this rifle. It is the perfection... keep you colt tinker-toy.

4) shotgun - nothing fills an intruders shorts faster than the sound of racking a shell into a pump action... I might be retiring by the time I get to this one. It is so fair down my list, it hardly made it on.

I grew up around guns. I know the rules of handling them, and I am a fairly good shot... however, I am not a expert. I am a noob when it comes to many things. For one, I really am not very good with ammo characteristics. Forgive any noob mistakes I have made already, or ones that I will make in the coming days.

I am very old school (I think).:oji:

Good day to everyone,
"No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." - Thomas Jefferson

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welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the club. Good list you have there and I even have to say I agree with your order, but I'd switch 3 & 4. Go with needs first, then wants. I'm up in Carlsbad so let me know if you want to shoot sometime.

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome to Calguns and San Diego!!!

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Good to see another denizen of S.D. You'll enjoy it here on CalGuns.

Gun show two weekends from now at Del Mar!

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Greetings and Welcome!

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Welcome aboard and to S.D. !

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Arslin, Welcome.

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If anyone is selling a 1911 in the 500 bucks category, let me know. A previously used, with low miles is what I am hoping for.

I have two kidneys... I do not think I'll need both.

Looking at a Springfield mil spec, or a RIA. I'll consider others. I want something that goes boom when I pull the trigger. I do not need anything fancy... Matter of fact I do not want it.

Anyone who know the best place in SD?

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If anyone is selling a 1911 in the 500 bucks category, let me know. A previously used, with low miles is what I am hoping for.

do check out the "Private Firearms Sales" section of the forum here.

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Welcome Aboard!:hurray:

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do check out the "Private Firearms Sales" section of the forum here.

Oh I have. Been watching.

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Oh I have. Been watching.

good. sooner or later....

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Welcome to CalGuns.

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