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12-03-2011, 9:21 AM
1000rds 5.56 MM 55 Grain FMJ-BT Federal Premium Lake City XM193 - $299.50 (http://www.venturamunitions.com/5-56-mm-55-grain-fmj-bt-federal-premium-lake-city-1000rds-xm193/)

http://www.venturamunitions.com/product_images/v/517/68258__69922_zoom.jpg (http://www.venturamunitions.com/5-56-mm-55-grain-fmj-bt-federal-premium-lake-city-1000rds-xm193/)

Description: XM193 product is first run, first quality product manufactured at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant for the
U.S. Government to NATO specifications.

Tech Specs:
Bullet: 55gr Full Metal Jacket-Boat Tail
Muzzle Velocity: 3250fps
Muzzle Energy: 1270ft/lbs
Quantity: 1000rds
Price: $299.50
Price Per Round: $0.30
Product Link: Low Price Lake City 5.56 Ammo (http://www.venturamunitions.com/5-56-mm-55-grain-fmj-bt-federal-premium-lake-city-1000rds-xm193/)


01-27-2012, 10:02 AM
Only 500rds left of the 55grain, 62 grain green tip still in stock.