View Full Version : Rimfire Benchrest Match @ Inland Fish and Game - March 04, 2007 (Date Correction)

03-01-2007, 8:31 AM
Quick background:

The "Inland Benchrest Society" holds a .22LR rimfire benchrest match on the 1st Sunday of each month at the Inland Fish and Game shooting facility. The match is ARA (American Rimfire Association) approved, from what I understand, and thus, follows the ARA course of fire. This match has been going on for the past 15 months or so.

http://ara.benchrest.net/ (ARA Website)

Basically, the course of fire is 100 rounds with 4 targets, 25 rounds per target, with 25 individual bulls for record on each target (and several sighter bulls). Targets shot at 50 yards (actual yards, not meters).

Anyway, the next match is this Sunday, March 04 (2007). All you need is a .22LR rifle with a scope and at least 100 rounds of 22LR ammunition (without sighters). You may use your own benchrest (single piece, 2-piece front and rear) or the sandbags at the range.

Check-in starts at roughly 0900 and squadding shortly thereafter. Shooting is supposed to start at 0930. The match fee should be $20. I can't remember exactly, but this should be close. I will update this if I find out before this Sunday.

For more information, call or email Tom Morris, the match coordinator:

Thomas Morris : 951-849-7081 :tom44mag@yahoo.com (info also on the ARA website)

Visit the ARA website for the rules and sample target.

This is a fun match if you just want to shoot your .22LR off a bench, and doesn't really require much equipment aside from a rifle with a scope and ammo. The target stands and targets are provided (as they are part of the official match requirements).

But as with all benchrest disciplines, you can dump as much money as you want into it. I shot this match before with a moderately modified Ruger 10/22.

03-05-2007, 7:17 AM
Sunday's match had 12 shooters, so the match went quickly without the need for 2 relays.

Wind was low to non-existent.

I talked to Tom Morris and he definitely is open to any questions from anyone interested in shooting the match. He asks that you call him as opposed to email since his Internet access is spotty right now. His number has voicemail, and he does return messages.

The next match is April 8. I'll post a reminder the weekend prior.

Don't be afraid to come out and shoot. It's a very relaxing and calm match. It gives you a chance to show off what your 22 can do. And I know lots of you have 10/22s with aftermarket barrels and then some or a nice CZ 452/453 with a varmint barrel.