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12-01-2011, 9:07 PM
While looking at the PSA uppers, I've come across the 16'' Hammer Forged Mid-length Lightweight Upper and the non-lightweight upper. The only difference in the specs is that the LW has an A2 lightweight barrel.

So my question is: is an A2 lighweight barrel better/worse than the "standard" A2 barrel?

I originally wanted a RifleGear upper, however, after being happy with PSA as far as my lower build kit, I figured I'd take a peek at the PSA uppers. $100 less than the RG uppers. Cool stuff. They are now another $50 off for the holidays, so $150 less total. On top of that, the thread came about asking for reviews and they are all good, along with PSA's strong stand behind their product. I've got the bug that has bit me hard now that I have already finished my lower and I have to stare at it every day, lol. I'm very, very close to pulling out the CC and ordering one now to save an extra $50 and quit having anxiety attacks thinking about how much longer I'd have to wait for an upper (I was going to wait until I got my chunk of money back at tax return time).

12-01-2011, 9:26 PM
Kept on searching (wasn't finding anything before), and dug up an answer from awhile ago. I'll probably be placing an order for the standard barrel as soon as I hear back from PSA. :D